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Dec 25 (Capricorn)
About me:
Hello, I am DriedOrchids on here, and various names on various other sites. I chose the username/alias of DriedOrchids because it somewhat represents the meaning of my name, and because the concept of dried/pressed orchid flowers seems pretty. I'm currently a student. I am indeed Canadian.. Nice to meet you.
Religious views:
Roman Catholic
I like various activities, particularly in the art department (of life). I like to draw, and sing (although not when I've got a cold...), as well as crochet, knitting, and sewing, although I'm still a very, very fresh beginner at them. I like to read books, the genre being very wide. I find that I like children's books, but at the same time will go for classics, like Jane Eyre. I paint on Mondays and Fridays, in the "religion hall" of my school. I'm very open to new activities, except sport related ones. Although I enjoy fishing, which I think is considered a sport.
Funny how there's an interest box, even though the entire section is labelled as interests. I'm interested in art. Although I draw in a heavily Japanese anime/manga influenced style, I am very interested in and admire cartoon, comic and western style art. I'm also fond of history, having a knack to remember odd bits of information. I'm more interested in the personal lives of people and how they were affected by historical events, however, rather than all the military and political stuff. But don't get me wrong, I'm still interested in that as well. I find biology interesting too, and possibly science in general.
Favorite Music:
I like many kinds of music. I like classical and neoclassical. "Indie" is good too. I like to listen to Dan Gibson's Solitudes from time to time as well, and things that are similar. I also like modern hip hop and pop music. Alternative, the oldies, foreign, etc.
Favorite TV Shows:
William Shatner's Weird or What, CSI, Man v.s. Food, Doctor Who, Nikita, There's more, just can't recall.
Favorite Movies:
Kiki's Delivery Service, Avatar, Pay It Forward, Temple Grandin, Wall-E, Forrest Gump, The Secret Life of Bees.
Favorite Books:
City of Ember, People of Sparks, Daimond of Darkhold, The Gargoyle, Chocomimi. Hetalia, Stargirl. The Outsiders, Coraline, The Diplomat's Wife, The Chrysalids, Meet the Kreeps (series), White Fang. The Thief Lord, Jacob Have I Loved, Gathering Blue.

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